Street!Dance Artivism 2023

We took to the streets for a special occasion:

From June to October, we organised monthly dance sessions, including live DJs and dance workshops at various locations in Berlin.

With the project, we took up space and used public places in our city specifically for the community.  

Each session was dedicated to an important topic like the colonial history of the places where we held the session, the ongoing gentrification in Berlin or the current budget cuts in Neukölln, which particularly affect marginalised communities.


Throughout the project, we used different art forms to highlight social issues, as well as posters and speeches. We actively invited the neighbourhood, artists and members of politics to spend a few hours together and engage in exchange with each other. The events were accompanied by live music from DJs and workshops by professional dancers of various street dance styles.

In cooperation with:

 Outreach & Gangway e.V.

Funded through:


mince e.v.


Am Sudhaus 2 12053 Berlin