awareness at your event.

Over the course of several months, MINCE e.V. has trained an Awarenessteam, which has since accompanied various projects and events. The MINCE Awarenessteam offers on-site support against discrimination and abusive behavior. The team is available for questions and needs of all kinds and offers retreat options and the ability to act in conflict situations. It supports us and other teams in creating events where a diverse audience can feel as comfortable and safe as possible. 


Due to our work, we are particularly focused on anti-Black racism, but of course we work intersectionally. Therefore the members of our Awarenessteam provide support in the event of offensive or transgressive behaviour, e.g. sexist, racist, queer-hostile, ableist or similar assaults, and are prepared for possible needs in advance when organizing events (noise protection, period products,…) In this way, they don’t only intervene in the event of incidents, but also actively contribute by taking preventive measures and therefore reducing the burden on event organizers .


Should an incident occur, the person affected always decides what form of support they would like. And  will then work together to find ways of dealing with the situation or simply offer a sympathetic ear. 

During an event, the MINCE Awarenessteam can be recognized by its distinct purple vests. 


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Registernummer: VR 35975 B

Vorstand: Prince Ofori, Cyrielle Tamby

Geschäftsführung: Margarita Bönning-Ofori

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